Welcome to Victoria Shenzhen Bay



Dear children,

Due to the COVID-19 situation,unfortunately we cannot invite you to the kindergarten to visit and play. With that being said, please follow me to get to know more about the Victoria Kindergarten Shenzhen Bay Campus.
Our Classroom我们的教室

This is our classroom; each classroom has areas for exploring, building, reading, and playing. What area do you want to visit?


Outdoor Play户外/体能游戏

The school has a playground, a track and a slide. We can race, ride a bike, play games together, or water the plants and watch them grow.


Multi-Function Room功能室

We have fun with music and play various physical games in the multi-function room.


Art room美术室

The ‘Art Room’ and the ‘Lego Wall’ are the places where we created and made together.



"Dear children, 

once the pandemic is over, we welcome you to visit the Shenzhen Bay campus.


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