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Full-Day Bilingual Program

The Victoria (China) Education Group kindergartens are full immersive bilingual (English and Mandarin) schools, which take pride in developing, “global/multi-cultural thinkers”.

Furthermore, at the Victoria (China) Education Group, we employ a “whole person education” teaching approach, with added emphasis on art and physical education.  

Our IB PYP Inquiry-based and TCRWP Literacy-based English curriculums are built on four pillars: 1) Speaking and Listening, 2) Reading, 3) Writing, and 4) Social, Emotional, Creative and Physical Development.

Overall, our curriculum is designed to not only strengthen a child’s 
overall English language abilities, but to also educate the child as a whole and cultivate his/her understanding of global world in which he/she lives.  

One of our primary curriculum goals is to provide a pathway to maximize children's potential and facilitate fundamental skills and stimulate child interest. Over the years our curriculum has transformed from a theme-based and teacher directed learning approach to now a more child-centered, interactive and inquiry-based curriculum.

Our schools offer a learning environment that encourages children to explore, investigate, 
question, and connect their learning to their own lives and the world around them. 

In our classrooms, you will find teachers who offer challenging and engaging international learning experiences, whereby children are encouraged to learn through asking questions and solving problems.

Assessment is the gathering and analysis of information about individual students. At the Victoria (China) Education Group, we believe that in order for assessment to be most effective, it should be continuous. Therefore, in our schools you will find a comprehensive and on-going assessment and reporting program.

A portfolio is a system for organizing observations and samples of the children's work in order to document their progress over the whole academic year. These results and records are used by teachers for future curriculum planning and as a way of sharing children's information with parents.