Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten (Jiarun Campus) is now recruiting students for the new term.




Candidate profile:

Born between September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017, the child is healthy (no chronic infectious disease), and is able to participate in group activities.



Number of students20



Enrollment Steps

方式一:线上报名 Online Enrollment



Follow the “Hong Kong Victoria Hangzhou Campus” Wechat Account



Submit your E-Application form (please select “Jiarun Campus”) 



Within 1-2 Working days, the enrollment teacher will be in contact to you with telephone or message to an appointment.


方式二:线下报名On-site registration 



Take the "Student application Form" from the kindergarten secretary, and return to the secretary once completed.

Within 1-2 working days, the enrollment teacher will be in contact with telephone or message to confirm an appointment with you.



Visit and interview time



Visiting times:Currently, visits are held every Monday or Wednesday, 10am or 2.30pm. You may visit our kindergarten, but please call the school one day in advance to arrange an appointment.




Interview time: Currently, interviews are conducted every Thursday. The school administration will notify each parent of further details.




Registration notice


All parents who make an appointment should first submit an application for admission with the kindergartens official WeChat account or by paper form. Once a confirmation SMS is received, you may view the kindergarten on an agreed time.



If you want to visit or interview, you should be registered and make an appointment. Any visits without appointment shall not be accepted.



For a pleasant visit and interview expereince, please confirm the contents of the SMS according to the appointment and cooperate with the administration teacher to successfully complete the visit and interview.




Warm notice


The kindergarten is interviewing for a new Pre-k class, and limited places in K1 and K2. K3 spaces are currently full.






Victoria Organisation Official Websitehttp://victoriachina.com/



Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten (Jiarun Campus) is now recruiting students for the new term.





Victoria Educational Organisation was founded in 1965 by Ms. Christina Ting Yuk Chee and Mrs. Cecilia Lee Ting Yuk Kuen. Victoria has been providing high quality early childhood education in a bilingual setting (English and Chinese) for 53 years. Over the years, Victoria has implemented a bilingual co-teaching approach that aims to strengthen children's literacy and language abilities. Through inquiry-based learning, Victoria strives to develop caring life-long learners with a global vision. Victoria is now comprised of nine nurseries and kindergartens, and one primary and secondary school (The Victoria Shanghai Academy – VSA).

In 1998, Victoria Educational Organisation established its first kindergarten in Mainland China. Currently, Victoria has four kindergartens in Shanghai, three in Shenzhen, one in Suzhou and two in Hangzhou. All Victoria Kindergartens provide a bilingual learning environment and implement an inquiry-based learning approach that aims to promote life-long learning and compassionate global citizens.