I’m Starting School

We're Starting School



Summer has gone and the Autumn rains are here.The new semester has begun.


On September 2nd ,after two transition weeks,the children of Jiarun campus attended the opening ceremony to celebrate the start of school.


In order to help new students and parents get through the separation anxiety period and adjust to kindergarten life, Victoria had a two-week transition weeks. During this period, children gradually get used to and fall in love with kindergarten life in the process of getting along with new friends, exploring and learning together, and being accompanied and guided by teachers and parents.


善于交流 Communicator

坚持原则 Principled

胸襟开阔 Open-minded

懂得关爱 Caring

勇于尝试 Risk-taker

全面发展 Balanced

及时反思 Reflective

勤于思考 Thinker

积极探究 Inquirers
知识渊博 Knowledgeable



In Victoria Kindergarten ,two Victoria bears are a good friends of the children.Every morning, the two bears will meet the children at the door with the principal mother,open a day of school life together. At the opening ceremony, each new student received a bear to accompany them through the wonderful three years of kindergarten. Each old student also received a special gift, thanking them for their love and help to their new friends.



Dear children, we wish you joy in the new semester, good health, continued growth, and happiness at school.