“Gratefulness and Love for one another” - November birthday party and Thanksgiving event

On November 22, 2018, Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten (Jiarun Campus) organized the November birthday party and Thanksgiving event with the theme of “Gratefulness and love for one another”. All the children gathered to celebrate the birthday of the little birthday stars in November.

All children sang "Happy Birthday Song”, and sent birthday greetings to the Birthday boys and girls. Birthday children closed their eyes and made a wish. We hope all their wishes come true!

Look, birthday boys and girls wear birthday hats. How lovely they are.

The Thanksgiving tree was full of gifts prepared by the children. Hey, the Thanksgiving tree is covered with postcards made by K1 and K2.The tree is surrounded by a group of small turkeys from Pre-K. Some children want to say thank you to their parents and companions;Some children want to say thank you to their beloved dogs;Some children say thank you to themselves... 

Dance Show from a K2 Birthday girl 

Turkey Dance together

Thanksgiving originated in the West, but gratitude exists in the hearts of everyone in the world. On this beautiful day, parents and teachers shared their gratitude with the children. It turns out that we can also say thank you to everyone you have met, everything you have experienced, and every item that has accompanied you.

PTA read the “The Thankful Book”

“I am thankful for my ears because they let me hear words like I love you”

“I am thankful for my garden because I like to watch things grow.”

“We want to say thank you to Hangzhou, this city have given us a chance to meet each other, we are thankful for the beauty of our Hangzhou, thank you Hangzhou for bringing us many wonderful memories.”

How excited they are!

Bonus Time!

The event was successfully completed in laughter, and we would like to thank all the parents and staffs who have contributed to the event. We would like to thank Victoria Kindergarten (Jiarun Campus) kitchen staffs who prepared the fancy afternoon tea for the children. Thanks also to the PTA, they came to the school very early and helped to decorate. The event was filled with love and happiness!

Gratefulness is a life attitude that comes from love and hope. We hope that we will always have a grateful heart and love everyone around us.