K2 Visit the Fire Station

On Tuesday the 11th of October the K2 class went on an excursion to the Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Public Security Fire Brigade - North squadron.

During our inquiries into how rules and systems can allow us to live together under a respectful environment, the students noticed that we have quite a lot of rules and signs in our school regarding fire safety. They were interested to know what the rules or procedures would be if a fire started in school or at home. This got the students thinking about ‘experts’ that they could find out from. The fire department came up almost instantly in our discussions and the students were determined to find out more from real fire-fighters!


 After a few phone calls, the North squadron invited us to come and find out first-hand how fire-fighters do their jobs. 


Apart from seeing all the amazing equipment that fire-fighters use, the students also learned how fire safety requires people to be principled by following the rules when using flammable materials. As the firemen were giving us a tour a real emergency call came through! The sirens sounded and the students could see how quickly the firemen had to react and get ready. In this instance we were fortunate to see how a fire squadron functions and how a cause has a wider reaching effect. It was a day full of excitement and learning.


Our community provides many opportunities for learning. We acknowledge the influential contributions of all within our local and extended community and the learning opportunities they provide for our students. By reaching out to the community students are able to reflect on previous understandings and construct new knowledge. They develop an appreciation and an understanding of how the world around them worlds, and the personal influence they have in this world.

On behalf of Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten Jiarun Campus, we would like to thank the parents who accompanied the students, the administration staff for organizing the excursion and most importantly the Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Public Security Fire Brigade - North squadron!