Victoria Autumn Family Outing

Autumn in Hangzhou is gorgeous

Golden leaves on the roadside
West Lake Mountains painted by autumn colors
Like walking in an oil painting

The most extravagant thing in autumn

is to spend a heartwarming afternoon with family.

Autumn wind, sunshine, fallen leaves...

Whether it's a picnic or hiking

It is a time full of warmth

Children’s eager anticipation for the autumn outing

It is like a gift for Children's Day

Parents take children into nature

In this Golden Autumn October

Enjoy family outings together

Autumn Friday

Immersed in the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus in Hangzhou

All the way to the scenic Jade Emperor Mountain

Accompanied by the sunshine

We started our Family hiking!

Let’s check the map before we start hiking.

Sunglasses for the whole family, we are so cool!

 Three generations hiking together, we are so cheerful!

 Line up, let’s go!

At the top of the mountain, the candy is ready!

Teacher Johan also rewards the climbers with cute stickers

Teacher Emily prepared cars, surprises all along the route.

We are all together at the top of the mountain!

Taking our snacks out to share with our friends.

Ready! The celebration is starting!

In addition to small stickers, cakes and toys

The most anticipated is of course to share food and have celebrations!


The celebration is ready to begin! 

K1B’s performance “Walking in the jungle”

 K2 ‘s performance "The Four Seasons Song" 

 Children and parents enjoyed delicious lunch at ZiLai Cave.

We are all good climbers!

“Award Ceremony” time!
All the children are excellent.
Every class gets a certificate.

Everyone is a "Great Climber"!

Principal Annie presented us with awards~ every class is the best!

The Autumn Family Outing
Not only did we get close to the autumn of Hangzhou city
We enjoyed time with family
It’s the best memory of autumn~