The opening ceremony of Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten Jiarun Campus, where we recorded all the happy moments of the children!

September 3, 2018Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten Jiarun Campus The new academic year has officially started!

Miniature fantasy world
New reading area
There are also other little friends.

Victoria bears are already waiting for us!

The new semester of "Jia Run Campus"


Exceptional quality of the kindergarten.

New parents worries are instantly forgotten.

"Oh...we have a beautiful cake!"

When can we eat it?


What a lively scene!

Looks like the party is about to start!

Everyone got a Victoria bear~

Say bye to germs.
Every day Nurse Eleven checks all the students 
and helps them to disinfect their hands.Health is essential to growth!

Foreign teachers who will accompany us all dayLearn while playing~What a colorful childhood~

We are going to take care of each other~
First day of schoolWe are good friends!

Mom and Dad are still worried about us.They stretch their necks to see if we are ok. In fact, parents don't have to worry at all.It's just like going to a warm amusementpark!

Small Victoria school backpack on my back.I will grow up into its shadow.Every step is progress when we are young.