Lower and Upper Helpers


Since the beginning of the school year, the boys and girls of upper have grown up a little. What does it actually mean to grow up? We delved a little deeper into this matter and discussed what this really means. The students from upper thought that it would be good to visit the younger children in the school to demonstrate just how they have developed and grew. By helping the younger children with chores and passing on knowledge, the upper class students demonstrated their caring and principled nature. I addition, the upper class students also decided to go around the school on a cleaning mission. The students showed that they respect their school environment and displayed that they themselves can organise and arrange themselves.

The children discussed their responsibilities during the planning stage of this “growing up” demonstration. The teachers allowed the students to come up with their own plan for how they would help and assist during this activity.


The children discussed and recorded the plan that they created together.


Children chose the activities they wanted to participate in and signed their names under the roles that they would take on.


Now, it was time to get started with their jobs. Children in Upper classes helped children in Nursery classes to make their beds and set the table for lunch time.


The students were proud of themselves for independently completing the “growing up” activity. It gave them a sense of fulfillment about being big brothers and big sisters and it led them to feel the proud of the fact that they can help others. These “growing up “activities really helped the students learn more about being caring, empathetic and also assisted in their development of thinking, social, communication and self management skills.