Hangzhou Vitoria kindergarten (Landscape Bay) opened in 2013. As part of the Victoria(China)Education group, Hangzhou Victoria has inherited it’s educational philosophy, curriculum and managerial structure; with humanities and innovation driving our educational practice. We acknowledge our students as capable and knowledgeable individuals, and aim to guide and support them as they grow. Through an inquiry-based and balanced transdisciplinary program, the students are encouraged to develop their knowledge and abilities in all areas, and to become the instigators of their own learning journey.
At Hangzhou Victoria (Landscape Bay), we acknowledge every child as an individual with different learning styles and needs. We aim to deliver a program that is engaging, and reflective and respective of every child. We aim to create a learning environment that is stimulating and inspiring; and a place where our students can always feel happy and safe. 
We employ a co-teaching bilingual classroom environment, which aims to strengthen the students’ ability to learn, think and speak in both English and Mandarin. Through our curriculum, we hope to develop internationally-minded students and cultivate lifelong learning. Through various experiences, our students are encouraged to develop a greater understanding of themselves, and of their contribution to the world within both a local and global context.

Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten (Landscape Bay) Mission Statement:

Our school’s mission is to foster the development of internationally-minded citizens
through a holistic, inquiry-based program, within an environment that acknowledges and celebrates every child’s identity and their influence in this world. We aim to provide an environment that supports the development of skills necessary in becoming caring, respectful and open-minded life-long learners.