Curriculum Features

We carry out the two class teacher system in Chinese and English. The aim is to strengthen the students' ability to speak two words and three languages. At the same time, we can also cultivate a lifelong learner with international vision and caring for others by exploring the learning model.

We employ a co-teaching bilingual classroom environment, which aims to strengthen the students’ ability to learn, think and speak in both English and Mandarin. Through our curriculum, we hope to develop internationally-minded students and cultivate lifelong learning. Through various experiences, our students are encouraged to develop a greater understanding of themselves, and of their contribution to the world within both a local and global context.

Within a safe and nurturing learning environment, our students are encouraged to discover and explore the world around them. As they grow, the students develop a range or skills and knowledge in different areas and on various topics. Our curriculum aims to indulge every child’s curiosity about the world; whilst guiding students towards being balanced and respectful in their thoughts and interactions.

We acknowledge the importance of relationships of all members of our school community, and how it influences a child’s learning. We aim to maintain ongoing communication regarding every child, their learning, and their overall development at school. We support parental involvement in exposing our students to a variety of learning opportunities; sharing their personal and relevant experiences.

Our curriculum provides a holistic approach to education, where students are able to develop in all learning areas; including language skills, cognitive skills, physical skills, and social-emotional skills. Together, with the support of our school community, we aim to develop confident, knowledgeable and caring global citizens.