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"Focusing on class and inspiring wisdom" -- Vitoria Kindergarten (Pudong) collective teaching discussion and exhibition activities

Language Teaching Demonstration And Workshop

On 23rd November, Victoria Pudong campus hosted an in-school workshop on Whole Class Language Teaching. There were English and Chinese lesson observations before the workshop took place.For the day, we invited Professor Huang Qiong, and Vice Principalof Victoria Educational Organization(VEO) Sabrina Xiao to observe our lessons and the workshop. Other honored guests included some principals from other kindergartens,as well as principals and teachers from Victoria’s Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou campuses. Pudong Principal Holly Xu met with the guests.


Vice Principal of VEO Sabrina Xiao and Pudong principal Holly led the tour for Professor Huang.Professor Huang went in K1, K2 and K3 classrooms to look at our inquiry corners. As Professor Huang Qiong was observing, she spoke highly of the corners and also provided with teachers useful guidance in making corners. Remind us to pay attention to the characteristics of corners, leveled needs of children as well as materials that give children space to choose and imagine.


Then Professor Huang visited the library and the art room. She was impressed with the abundant resources and smooth operations. She spoke with our teachers and suggested to make connection to and enhance children’s social experience at library activities and life experience at art activities.


Later VEO Vice Principal Sabrina Fang gave an introduction to VEO and Principal Holly Xu talked about our school and the curriculum on the theme of Collaborative Approach to Integrated Curriculum.

Both the English and Chinese lessons went really successful and children were really active and engaged! Professor Huang Qiong nodded her head many times during the observation.


The workshop was held in the afternoon. Principal Assistant Selena Fang hosted the workshop through an inquiry way to help our teachers reflect on the teaching in the morning making references to the guide book for language teaching in Shanghai kindergartens.


Professor Huang Qiong gave high recognition to the well organized and creative workshop as Victoria’s teaching and research model and to the Chinese lesson. She also advised our teacher on improving the lesson.


We’d like to give great thanks to Professor Huang Qiong for her recognition of Victoria and her valuable suggestions and sharing for our teachers. It was such a great opportunity for our teachers to learn and grow in teaching!