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Invitation for the Global Educational Congregation in Shanghai


“Bilingual Learners Today, International Talents Tomorrow”

Invitation for the Global Educational Congregation in Shanghai


April 30th, 2019

Dear participants,

We are pleased to invite you to attend the Global Educational Congregation in Shanghai.

The Global Educational Congregation in Shanghai is co-organized by New York University Shanghai, Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School, Victoria (China) Education Group, and Victoria Shanghai Academy, and has gained dedicated guidance from the Shanghai Society of Education.

The congregation will be held at the New York University Shanghai from May 28th to 29th, 
2019. The theme is “Bilingual Learners Today, International Talents Tomorrow”. With the mission to encourage continuous professional development, the congregation bringstogether educators and professionals from around the world for meaningful exchange with local teachers, broadening their knowledge and understanding of the present pedagogy in early childhood and primary education.

Mr. Yin Houqing of Shanghai Society of Education, Prof. Catherine Milne of New York University, Prof. Sharon Lynn Kagan of Columbia University, and Prof. Anwei Feng of University of Nottingham Ningbo China will be leading the four main keynotes. The keynotes will cover the following topics: quality education and key competencies for learners, multilingualism and multilingual education. The primary school and kindergarten workshop will be held during parallel sessions, and followed by the principal panel discussion. On May 29th, participants will be invited for field visits to Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School and Victoria Kindergarten (Pudong) to observe the classrooms and teaching first-hand. The congregation agenda is attached to this letter for your reference.

It would be our honor and pleasure to have your graceful attendance at the congregation. We look forward to seeing you at New York University Shanghai in May!

New York University Shanghai Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School Victoria (China) Education Group Victoria Shanghai Academy

Appendix. Congregation Agenda

 Global Educational Congregation in Shanghai


Time: 28 May 2019, 8:30AM-16:30PM

29 May 2019, 8:30 AM-11:30AM School Visit Venue:New York University Shanghai

(1555 Century Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai)

Registration fee: 350 RMB

Registration QR Code


May 28th(Day 1)




Opening Address

Prof. Jeffrey Sean Lehman, Vice Chancellor of NYU Shanghai




Keynote Address I

Key Competencies for Future Generations

Mr. Yin Houqing

Moderator: Mr. Wan Wei, Chief Principal of Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School




Keynote Address II

Slow Education:Preparing Learners to be 21st Century Global Citizens

Prof. Catherine Milne

Moderator: Prof. Jeffrey Sean Lehman, Vice Chancellor of NYU Shanghai




Keynote Address III

The Early Advantage: Improving Early Childhood Education Globally

Prof. Sharon Lynn Kagan

Moderator: Dr. Maggie Koong, Chief Principal of Victoria (China) Education Group












Parallel Sessions

Workshop (Primary School)

Venue:Room 101

Workshop (Kindergarten)

Venue:Room 102


1、Key Competences and Innovative Courses

Mr. Shen Hong, Curriculum Director, Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School



2、 Developing authors and inquirers in a

bilingual classroom

Nurturing Bilingualism in Children

Moderator: Melanie Ng 11:00-11:30

1、Developing cultural   identity and International Mindedness through multilingual learning

Hong Kong Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten

Suzhou Victoria Kindergarten


Ms. Ting Wing Li, Head of Chinese, Victoria Shanghai Academy

Mrs. Nicki Taylor, Victoria Shanghai Academy



2 、 Language development in the PYP classroom: Strategies for second language learners

Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten



3、Developing Children's Literacy and Science Skills Through an Inquiry-Based Transdisciplinary Learning Approach

Victoria Kindergarten Shenzhen


Lunch Break/Exhibition




Keynote Address IV

Cognitive, Affective and Economic Benefits of Bilingualism

Prof. Anwei Feng

Moderator: Dr. Maggie Koong, Chief Principal of Victoria (China) Education Group




Plenary Speech

Getting a Head Start: the Challenges, Joys and Value of Developing Bilingualism from the Early Years

Robin Harvey










Principal Panel

Bilingual Learning and Cultivating of International Talents

Moderator Robin Harvey Panellist

1. Dr. Maggie Koong, Chief Principal of Victoria (China) Education Group

2. Kate Montgomery,Education in Emergencies Director, Global Initiatives at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

3. Ji Li, Principal of Shanghai Little Bridge School, Pinghe Education Group

4. Ross Dawson, Primary School Principal of Victoria Shanghai Academy

May 29th (Day 2)



School Visit

Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School

Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten Pudong