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Family Sports Day

On Nov. 17, 2018, with the sun shining brightly, Victoria Education Group’s family sports day commenced!

 The Ceremony Begins

 The flag-bearers from Gumei campus held the school flag while Xinzhuang campus held the 20th anniversary flag.

Children from all six Shanghai campuses joined together at the sports arena. 

Our Victoria flag-bearers raised the flag of China.

As the music began, the crowd of parents passed along the giant balls to celebrate Victoria’s history. 

Ms. Christina Ting Yuk Chee spoke on behalf of the Victoria Education Group (China) at our 20th Anniversary Sports Day. 

Dr. Maggie Koong came to celebrate the special occasion with us. 


Our supervisor Ms. Christina Ting Yuk Chee drew the eyes for the Long, it start the 20th Anniversary activities.

We celebrated and shared our wish that Victoria will continue to soar to great heights!

The K2 & K3 children presented their Kung Fu dance and the K1 and Pre-K children performed their lollipop dance. 

 Our Little Athletes

The field was filled with activities for children and parents to enjoy.

1.  Wizard Island Adventure

2. Happy Ducks Play Ball

3. Go Forward Little Caterpillar

4. Little Mouse Run for the Corn

5.  French Fries Contest

6 . Old Shanghai Zigzag Bridge

7. Triumph in the Skies

8.Dancing Dragons

9. Little Master Chef of China

10.  Catch your Fortune

11. Decorate the Logo!

12. Saving Marine Life

13.  Turtle Giddy up

14. Sea Lion Ball

15. Stomp the Sand

16. Sea Animal Ring Toss

17. Quick Feet

18.  Hop Away

19. Flying Birds

20. Turn the Boxes

21.  Get Piggy Home

We play together.

All the children tried their best to earn a gold medal. 

Victoria Kindergarten 20th Sports Day celebration comes to an end. It was a very special day for everyone. Thank you to all Victoria staff for working so hard and helping ensure the day was successful! 

We wish that this Sports’ Day formed an everlasting memory in all of you! Thank you to each and every one for your ongoing support and dedication. We have been on this journey together now for 20 years!