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Victoria kindergarten holds preschool Professional Development Forum

The Preschool Education Professional Development Forum sponsored by Victoria (China) Education Group was successfully held in Huangpu Yayuan School of Shenzhen Victoria Kindergarten in mid-July. The forum invited world-renowned preschool education experts, Ivy League Columbia University and Yale University Professor Sharon Lynn Kagan to give keynote speeches, focusing on the "Global Indicators of High Efficiency and Quality Early Childhood Education".

Dr. Maggie Koong
, President of Victoria (China) Education Group and founder and Vice-President of Hong Kong Victoria Shanghai Academy, also delivered a keynote speech on "IB Constructive Learning" as an invited expert. The forum also invited experts and scholars from the educational and journalistic circles, as well as parents, to participate in the exchange of preschool education theory with experts and scholars on the spot, aiming at jointly discussing the development direction of preschool education, in order to improve the professional level of preschool education in China.